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About Venous Thrombectomy

Venous thrombectomy is a procedure that involves the surgical removal of a clot in the vein. This can result in an increased risk for repeat clot formation. Vein Clinics in Jackson Heights normally reserve the procedure for patients that have severe DVT and those in whom the symptoms have been present for less than 7 days. Venous thrombectomy is also useful in patients that are pregnant, patients that cannot take anticoagulants or patients that do not respond to anticoagulants.

Heart doctors in Jackson Heights identify a host of risk factors that may increase the complications associated with venous thrombectomy. Patients that are above the age of 65, have bleeding tendencies, hypertension, congestive heart failure, poor kidney function or allergies to contrast dyes are higher risk.

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When your Jackson Heights Cardiologist suspects deep vein thrombosis, he/she may perform an ultrasound or venography to confirm the diagnosis. Heparin thins the blood prior to the procedure. A catheter sheath is inserted through a small incision in the femoral vein. The femoral vein is found in the groin or below the knee. A contrast dye is injected though the sheath allowing the physician to view the procedure on an X-ray screen. The entire procedure lasts between two to three hours if there are no major complications.

Following the completion of the venous thrombectomy, you vascular doctor in Jackson Heights will apply compression bandages to the operated leg to reduce any swelling.

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