Make Sure Your Legs Are Healthy By Getting Varicose Vein Treatments Done

When it comes to varicose veins, we often tend to ignore them as an issue that we might run into as we age. Although they may seem harmless ,varicose veins can often be the signs of the first stage of a more serious disease known as chronic venous disease. The disease can generally result in darker skin discoloration found around your calf, and ankle. There are treatment options available for varicose veins before symptoms or signs can become too severe. If you are need of varicose vein treatment, the doctor in Queens then you should contact the caring staff over at Vein Medical Spa where they can go over treatment options that are best suited for your lifestyle and will be beneficial to eliminate your varicose veins.

At Vein Medical Spa we make sure to offer the latest in varicose vein treatments for our patients. One of the services we offer is radiofrequency ablation. Radiofrequency ablation is a treatment that is a minimally invasive treatment for varicose veins. Our vein doctors use radiofrequency energy to heat up and damage the wall located inside of the vein. This will usually aid in helping to close off a varicose vein in the leg. This is done by insertion of a catheter in the leg, where a small incision is made into the vein. This procedure can be done fairly quickly and the recovery time is fairly short so most patients will be able to resume their activities fairly soon after getting the procedure done. If you’re interested in learning more about radiofrequency ablation procedure in Queens, NY then makes sure to contact us at Vein Medical Spa.

Have you been suffering from varicose veins and are looking for treatments? Consult with our experts here at Vein Medical Spa in Queens, NY. You shouldn’t wait to get treatment for something that could be reversible. The Vein Medical Spa is the leading varicose vein treatment center in Queens, NY. Call us today at (718) 942-9355, so we can begin treating you as soon as possible because at Vein Medical Spa your health is our top priority.

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